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Emdom Gemini Outer Belt
Emdom Gemini Outer Belt

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Emdom USA

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List Price: $229.99
Price: $229.99
Sale Price: $159.99
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Approx. dimensions: Available in four standard sizes, see below for details.
Approx. weight: 12 to 14 oz (S to XL).

* CUSTOM COLOR ORDERS are considered final sale.
We do not accept returns or exchanges.

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Please see the "Sizing Guide" for details regarding the purchase of size small.

Product Code: EU219



Engineered and designed to incorporate with the Emdom Flex Inner Belt to complete a highly functional, tactical gun belt system. In this system, the Flex Inner Belt is firstly threaded through the belt loops of your pants, and the Gemini Outer Belt is then attached to it. They lock into each other and keep all your belt gear snug to your pant under any high-speed maneuvers. The system also allows fast donning and doffing the outer belt while the inner belt still holds your pants in place.

The Emdom Gemini Outer Belt has two components that make it a modular system: a rigid belt sleeve and an extremely strong internal web belt. The rigid belt sleeve provides end to end estate for mounting gear, offers structural support for load-bearing, and has a backside Velcro hook surface to mate with the Flex Inner Belt. The strong internal web belt is made a perfect fit for the sleeve and offers security and core strength during high-speed maneuvers and under critical situations.

  1. By minimizing the stitching to the internal web belt no integrity or tensile strength is lost in the webbing.
  2. The internal web belt is fully protected by the stronger outer sleeve.
  3. The loose end of the internal web belt can be tucked into the sleeve. This helps to avoid snagging hazards and maximize estate for gear mounting.
  4. The belt surface is clean and streamlined.
  5. Replacement or switching of components is easy.
  6. Mate with the Flex Inner Belt to complete the belt system.

Unlike other wider MOLLE belt sleeves, the Gemini Outer Belt sleeve is made 2” wide and has two rows of MOLLE slots end to end. It accommodates not only MOLLE pouches, but also a vast variety of 2” or 2-1/4” wide duty or shooting accessories such as Kydex pistol holster, plastic mag carriers, knife sheaths, baton holders, flashlight pouches, radio cases, drop hip platforms, etc.

The sleeved surface is made of Trelleborg HANK ™ or Blue Force Gear Multicam ULTRAcomp® fabric. Both fabrics are waterproof, very strong, and extremely durable. Their rubber-like properties offer the friction needed to keep gear and MOLLE pouches secure.

Sandwiched inside the sleeve is a layer of HDPE plastic which makes the belt sleeve rigid and would not sag on heavier loads.

In the middle of the sleeve is a small removable Retention Slot Cover to expose the internal web belt where the user can use to attach a safety snap-hook, carabiner, or parachute D-ring for emergency personal retention under direct threat to your life.

The Velcro hook on the sleeve backside is used to mate with the Velcro loop at the Flex Inner Belt.

A row of reduction holes on the backside of the sleeve provides ventilation, drainage, and facilitates the insertion of the internal web belt into the belt sleeve by a pen or a screwdriver. (see pictures and videos)

The internal web belt is 1.75” wide, a perfect fit for the 2” wide belt sleeve. It is made of top-notch Mil-Spec seatbelt webbing that has the strength to hold 6000 lbs (the black internal web belt), or 7000 lbs (the coyote internal web belt).

The internal web belt has a patented CNC Machined AustriAlpin D-ring COBRA® ProStyle buckle. The buckle is a synergistic hybrid of two gold standard products of safety industry hardware: the parachute D-Ring and the ANSI COBRA® buckle. The unique construction allows a central positioning and prevents the D-Ring from getting squeezed against the webbing and therefore guarantees easy handling. This buckle meets ANSI and CSA standards as well as salt fog and blowing sand test certifications. The COBRA® locking mechanism is patented and guarantees the highest safety. A one-sided opening of the lock is not possible even if the buckle is under load. Buckle has a strength of 4000 lbs MBS (straight pull). Parachute D-ring has a strength of 5000 lbs MBS (straight pull).

The internal web belt has a small push tab at the end, where the user can use a pen or a screwdriver to push the web belt into the sleeve easily. (see pictures)

The construction of this is made with US Mil-Spec Materials, with all seams reinforced and built to last.

*WARNING: The Emdom Gemini Outer Belt is intended to be as a gun belt. It is not intended to be used with equipment for climbing/rappelling/extraction, nor as a replacement of proper restraint / safety harness or strap utilized on boats, vehicles, or aircrafts. Emdom USA Corp. holds no liability associated with the misuse of this product. The loss, damages, or expenses of any kind arising out of the use or misuse of this product reflects zero liability towards Emdom USA Corp. Please carefully evaluate each situation before use. The misuse of this product could cause serious injuries or death. The Gemini Outer Belt has a multitude of uses as long as its limitations are recognized.
  • Small: waist 27" to 31" (Final Sale. No returns or exchanges.)
  • Medium: waist 31" to 35", sleeve 28.25”
  • Large: waist 35" to 39", sleeve 32.75”
  • Extra large: waist 39" to 43", sleeve 35.75”
  • Custom Size (Final Sale. No returns or exchanges.)

Emdom Gemini Outer Belt Overview

  • Constructed from US Mil-Spec materials, all seams are reinforced, and built to last
  • Available in S, M, L, XL, and Custom size.
  • Weight: 12 to 14 oz (S to XL).

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