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Emdom/MM TNT Extended Mission Bag
Emdom/MM TNT Extended Mission Bag

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Emdom USA MM

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Price: $410.49
Approx. dimensions: 24" long x 13" tall x 10" deep.
Approx. weight: 4lb.15oz.

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Product Code: EU135

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The Emdom/MM TNT-EM (Tactical/Non-Tactical-Extended Mission) Bag is a design collaboration between Emdom USA and MM from www.militarymorons.com. The TNT-EM Bag is a larger version of our TNT Bag with many added features and some changes. The increased size makes it an ideal multi-day travel bag while still being well suited for EDC (Every day carry) use. Overall bag size has been increased from approximately 18" x 12" x 6" to approximately 24" x 13" x 10" (with Side Stash Pockets expanded). The TNT-EM Bag is designed to be a practical EDC or travel bag without the appearance of being too “tactical”, yet still having gun friendly/tactical features concealed within. These features make it a bag for fighting out of: suitable for concealed weapons carry and rifle magazines. It is a large sized shoulder carry bag without overtly tactical external features that draw unwanted attention. There is no MOLLE/PALS webbing anywhere on the exterior (nor interior) which keeps the look of the bag nondescript while reducing bulk and weight. Much time and thought was devoted to designing the bag to be ready to go right out of the box by having enough internal and external organizers to be functional but not overly complicated. This also eliminates the need for purchasing additional pouches and pockets to organize content. The integrated organizing features are laid out to be easy and convenient to access whether the bag is worn or not.

Note: This product description is identical to the TNT Bag because they share many similarities, however new features and changes have been highlighted.


Dimensions and internal volume:
Overall dimensions are approximately 24" long x 13" tall x 10" deep. Bag body measures approximately 17.5" long x 12" tall x 6.5" deep, not including external pockets. Because of padding, subtract about 0.5” from those dimensions for the main compartment internal dimensions. Total bag volume is approximately 2,100 cu. in. (main compartment and external pockets). Dimensions are approximate because the bag is flexible and will conform to some larger items.

Main compartment:
Features a dual zipper opening that runs along the top then down the sides: stopping at each Side Stash Pocket. A protective flap covers the zipper opening. The compartment opening is more towards the front of the bag instead of the middle which allows easier access to the contents. The offset zipper opening allows space for the FAC (details below). Main compartment will accommodate up to a 17” laptop. Approximate internal volume of 1,400 cu. in. Main compartment can accommodate most small sub machine guns. There are several built in internal organizers:

  • Slot pockets: Four pockets are sewn onto the interior of the rear panel made of 420D Cordura of a contrasting color for easy visibility of stored items. When empty the slots collapse and fold flat, staying out of the way. Each pocket is 6” tall and designed to accommodate two 30 round standard capacity AR-15/M4/M16 magazines or one 20 round standard capacity .308 magazine. They will also take anything else of similar size such as flash bangs, radios, mobile phones, digital cameras, portable hard drives, etc. Each pocket features an external 1” wide elastic retention band that is sewn in the middle creating loops that can used to retain thinner items such as handgun magazines, flashlights, folding knives, multi-tools, etc.
  • Mesh pockets: Sewn to the front panel are three mesh pockets with zippered openings. One measures 12" x 9" and the other two measure 6" x "”. The mesh pockets are sewn with a generous amount of spacing to allow for slight expansion when filled. When empty the pockets lay flat.

Protected main compartment:
About 2/3 of the sides, from each end of the zippered opening to the bottom, is padded. The entire bottom and back is padded. The front is not padded but instead features a full sized sheet of HDPE plastic stiffener that maintains the bags shape, supports the weight of a handgun, magazines, accessories, and protects the contents of the main compartment.

Frequent Access Compartment (FAC):
Sewn into the top panel of the TNT bag, the FAC features two internal dividers that create three compartments: two measuring 4" x 4" and one measuring 4" x 6". The larger compartment will accommodate most smart phones. Each of the smaller compartments will accommodate small items like keys, vehicle key fob, average 4" - 4.5" folding knife, average 4" - 4.5" multi-tool, small head lamp, business cards, ID cards, small mobile phones, etc.

Front organizer pockets:
Two 10" tall x 9" wide x 2" deep pockets with approximately 180 cu. in. of volume. Each features slightly different organization inside. Both have dual zipper openings that run ¾ of the way down on each side which allow the pockets to open outwards almost completely, but also preventing items from falling out unintentionally. All internal organizers are made of 420D Cordura of a contrasting color for easy visibility of stored items. Inside the front panel of each pocket are two staggered slot pockets. The taller pocket will fit two 30 round standard capacity AR-15/M4/M16 magazines side by side, the shorter one will fit two 20 round standard capacity .308 magazines. Looking at the front of the bag:

  • Right pocket: Main slot pocket accommodates small tablets, notebooks, etc. Sewn to the front of that pocket is a small slot for business cards and similarly sized items, and next to that are three oversized pen loops.
  • Left pocket: Two staggered slot pockets with elastic strap retention secured with Velcro. The slots on the back are flat. The pockets on the front are pleated and will expand to fit a mobile phone, flash bang, most standard capacity handgun magazines, and other items of similar size.

Hidden document pockets:
Underneath both Front Organizer Pockets is a hidden secret/concealed pocket for sensitive documents such as a passport. These pockets are designed for passport sized documents or other similarly sized flat items. The openings to each pocket are secured by Velcro. Under normal observation the compartments are not visible. With the increased dimensions of the TNT-EM bag, these pockets are wider and therefore can accommodate a full sized handgun or anything else of similar size.

Shoulder strap:
Features an 18" long padded portion that is 2" wide, increased thickness to 0.5”, and lined with Dri-Lex. The pad is fixed so it will not shift or slide. The straps on each end of the padded portion are 1" wide webbing with dual ITW 1" rounded oval slides used to secure the ends. The 1” wide webbing ends are fully adjustable for length. An adjustment loop section with an integrated ‘Z-pull’ sewn to a plastic slider allows quick length adjustment of the shoulder strap. The 1" webbing continues along the padded section and is bartacked at 1.5" intervals. The strap is detachable but is designed to remain attached to the bag and can be stowed in either Side Stash Pocket when not in use. Two H&K style snap hooks are supplied allowing the strap to be secure yet quick to detach and stow. Due to the straps excellent modularity, a split bar ITW side release buckle (not included) can be added instead as an emergency quick release option if needed. There are six metal D-ring attachment points allowing different carry options (see photos below for details).

Waist strap:
A detachable 1" wide webbing waist strap with quick release ITW GhillieTEX 1" GTSR buckle is included. The strap is adjustable for length and features a 2" wide elastic loop for securing any excess length of the strap. The waist strap attaches with sewn in ITW 1" rounded oval slides that are routed through ITW GhillieTEX 1" wide Looplocs sewn onto the bag. The strap can be left attached to the bag, unbuckled and each end stowed in its adjacent Side Stash Pocket, or removed completely.

Carry handles:
Two carry handles, each sewn to the front and back panels of the body of the TNT bag respectively are made of 1.5" webbing. Although thin and low profile the carry handles are fully capable of carrying the weight of the bag when loaded. A padded and Velcro secured wrap for connecting the carry handles is sewn to the rear handle.

Back pack straps:
Included are two identical Back Pack Straps. The straps are made of 2” wide seat belt type webbing with 1" webbing and a Ladderloc sewn in at the end for length adjustment. At the top end of each Back Pack Strap is a sewn in ITW rounded oval slide that is routed through the pair of ITW GhillieTEX 1" wide Looplocs sewn onto one side of the rear of the bag. The bottom ends of the straps attach to the metal D-rings on the opposite end of the bag via plastic snap hooks. These straps are quick and easy to attach, detach, and stow easily in the bag.

Side stash pockets:
On each side of the TNT bag are 9" tall open top pockets with approximately 170 cu. in. internal volume. They feature a unique pleated design which allows them to lay somewhat flattened for a lower profile when not used, yet will expand away from the bag when loaded. When expanded they add about 3" to each side of the bag. Features shock cord closure with sewn in ITW GhillieTEX Cordloc for one handed tightening. The outer edge of the pocket angles up which will wrap over the shoulder of a bottle keeping it secure and preventing it from slipping or popping out. On the interior of the opening edge are two tab loops for dummy cording content or adding a loop of shock cord for retention of radios and other long items. These pockets will accommodate: Nalgene bottle, two 16.9oz commercial water bottles, USGI 1 qt. canteen, five 30 round standard capacity AR-15/M4/M16 magazines, or five 20 round standard capacity .308 FAL/M1A magazines. Inherent design makes these pockets makeshift dump pouches.

Handgun compartment:
Taller and wider than on the TNT Bag, located on the front of the TNT-EM Bag with Velcro closure and immediate access pull tab. There is no Velcro at the pull tab which allows rapid unobstructed access. 1.5" wide hook Velcro was utilized as a balance between quick access and staying secure. The compartment will accommodate most full sized handguns. It will hold two full sized handguns if a second holder is used (only one is included). The interior back panel is lined completely in loop Velcro, allowing attachment of any hook Velcro backed accessories. A universal handgun holder and two elastic loop magazine/accessory holders are included. The handgun holder is fully adjustable and is designed to allow one of the Velcro bases to fold under the handgun so that it can be positioned closer to either end of the compartment. Each magazine holder features four elastic loops that will accommodate single stack .45 magazines, most double stack magazines, flashlights, and anything else of similar size. The back panel is stiffened with a sheet of HDPE plastic which supports the weight of a handgun and magazines, preventing any sagging.

Laptop compartment:
Located on the back of the TNT Bag, this compartment is designed to carry a 17" screen laptop and/or most documents, magazines, newspapers, notebooks, etc. It measures 17" x 12" x 12" features a full dual zipper opening that runs the length of the sides and top (these areas are not padded). There are two vertical straps – one on the bag side, one on the panel side – with enough Velcro overlap to secure flat items as well as those with some thickness or bulk. The straps will also hold folded clothing in place. The exterior panel of the compartment is padded and quilted for comfort and to provide some grip when the bag is worn snug with the waist strap.

Color options:
Stocked in various standard colors. Also available in various custom colors. Please email us at [email protected] for any inquiries.

  • Approximate dimensions: 24" long x 13" tall x 10" deep.
  • Approximate total bag volume:
  • 2,100 cu. in.
  • Approximate main compartment dimensions:
  • 18" long x 12" tall x 6" deep.
  • Approximate main compartment volume:
  • 1,400 cu. in.
  • Approximate weight:
  • 4lb. 15oz.
  • Main compartment padded on four sides.
  • Front panel protected by HDPE plastic stiffener.
  • HDPE plastic stiffener gives bag shape and supports weight of handgun and accessories.
  • Main compartment built in organizers:

  • o Four slot pockets with external elastic retention.
    o 12" x 9" zippered mesh pocket.
    o Two 6" x 9” zippered mesh pockets.
  • Convenient FAC (Frequent Access Compartment) on top of main compartment.
  • Two large Front Organizer Pockets, each with different internal organizers.
  • Internal pockets and organizers made of color contrast 420D Cordura.
  • Two Hidden Document Pockets, one behind each Front Organizer Pocket.
  • Two low profile, pleated, expandable Side Stash Pockets.
  • Large
  • Laptop Compartment on rear of bag.
  • Concealed Handgun Compartment in front with Velcro closure.
  • Back side of Handgun Compartment is lined completely with loop Velcro.
  • One universal, adjustable handgun holder and two elastic magazine/accessory holders included.
  • Shoulder strap is padded, adjustable, stowable, detachable.
  • Two H&K style snap hooks are included to allow quick attach and detach of shoulder strap.
  • Shoulder strap features static adjustment as well as quick length adjustment via ‘Z-pull.’
  • Padded portion of shoulder strap features
  • 0.5" padding, Dri-Lex lining, and is fixed in position.
  • Four metal D-rings at each of the top four corners allow different shoulder strap carry options.
  • Two more metal D-rings added allowing additional carry option.
  • Waist strap is adjustable, stowable, detachable, and features side release buckle for quick don and doff.
  • Carry handles are low profile and feature sewn on padded Velcro wrap.
  • Two low profile, adjustable, detachable Back Pack Straps are included.
  • Additional attachment points added to exterior of bag body allowing installment of Back Pack Straps for back pack style carry.
  • Back panel is padded and quilted for comfort and grip.
  • Murdock jacquard woven MultiCam webbing.
  • Propel MultiCam Quiet loop Velcro.
  • Texcel Industries MultiCam binding tape.
  • All applicable internal edges are finished with binding tape.
  • Constructed from US Mil-Spec materials.
  • Backed by Emdom USA lifetime warranty.
  • Available in various standard and custom colors.
  • Contact us at [email protected] for any inquiries.
  • Design collaboration between Emdom USA and MM from www.militarymorons.com. Please visit his page for a detailed write up and additional photos (Note MultiCam product pictured is older version with non color matching materials).

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5 of 5 Versatile and bomb proof March 26, 2022
Reviewer: J. Miller from Central City, CO United States  
I have owned this bag for 8 years now and use it daily as a Paramedic.  It has been reliably trustworthy on many international deployments.  The workmanship and quality materials are as evident today as the day it was new.  I can't say enough good things about the TNT Extended Mission Bag.  The zippered laptop section is big enough for my 17" laptop and secures it well.  The handgun compartment is super discrete and secure.  The untrained eye would never know it exists without prior knowledge.  I especially like the backpack straps and how easy and secure they go on and off.  I have loaded this thing out super heavy and hiked miles of airport terminals without even a suggestion of seams or stitching coming loose.  I have reason to believe Emdom utilized witchcraft or super secret future materials to create this bag.  It seems to be immortal.  I have zero regrets about investing my hard earned money in this quality product.

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