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Emdom/MM Mesh Dump Pouch
Emdom/MM Mesh Dump Pouch

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Emdom USA MM

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Price: $61.49
Approx. dimensions: 7" wide x 3" deep x 9" tall
Approx. weight: 7 oz. (Including MALICE clips)

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Product Code: EU180

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The Emdom/MM Mesh Dump Pouch is a design collaboration between Emdom USA and MM from www.militarymorons.com. It is an innovative, medium-sized, non-folding, and an expandable dump pouch. Dump pouches have that one big contradictory requirement: you want the opening to stay open when dumping stuff in it, yet keep those contents from falling out when moving. This design has gone through rigorous prototyping and field testing in order to ensure it functions as intended with a balance between access and retention. Mesh pouch body does not retain any sand, dirt, water, or other debris. The entire Emdom/MM Mesh Dump Pouch is constructed of MultiCam materials except for the webbing of PALS/MOLLE mounting grid.

Emdom/MM Mesh Dump Pouch overview


MOLLE/PALS compatible and can be mounted on webbing or belts up to 3" wide via two included short MALICE clip. PALS/MOLLE mounting grid features 0.875” webbing for easier weaving of MALICE clip.

HDPE stiffened back panel:
An 8" tall HDPE stiffened panel forms the mounting surface and provides the back of the pouch with support. The top of the pouch is dropped 3" below the mounting panel. The purpose of this is to ensure that there's enough clearance between the opening of the pouch and the bottom of a vest, chest rig, or body armor. The panel then extends down 5" and provides lateral stiffness to the body of the pouch, which minimizes side to side swinging. It also reduces bouncing of the pouch. Even though it's stiffened with a HDPE sheet, it's still flexible enough not to get in the way when seated or in a vehicle. The dump pouch has a stiffened/structured opening for easy insertion of items, in a rounded-rectangular shape. A plastic stiffener sewn into the top keeps it open, and also provides support for the pouch, preventing it from sagging shut.

Secure opening:
The half-cover flap was designed on the basis that the mounting point of the pouch is a pivot on which the pouch bounces in all directions thus creating the possibility of the contents falling out towards the side of the opening that is away from the body. The half-cover flap is removable and is securely fastened with four Velcro tabs attached to the interior and exterior of the stiffened opening. The half-cover flap secures contents while allowing easy access for inserting and extracting. An inner lip on the interior of the opening just below the stiffener further prevents contents from bouncing or sliding out. For added security a pull tab with a snap on the outer rim can be utilized to compress the stiffened opening, essentially closing it. An additional snap is added to allow the body of the pouch to be folded and secured in place.

Expandable capacity:
The Emdom/MM Dump Pouch will hold AK, AR-15/M4/M16, and other magazines of equal or lesser size/shape. It will hold up to six AK or seven AR-15/M4/M16 (with or without Magpul 5.56 NATO Magpuls or Magpul Ranger Plates) magazines neatly stacked straight up, side by side. Because actual capacity with normal use cannot be quantified, dual vertical pleats have been sewn into the body to allow slight expansion to accommodate randomly inserted magazines as well as bulky and odd shaped items. This innovative design creates more storage space without increasing the overall size of the pouch.

  • Approximate dimensions: 7" wide x 3" deep x 9" tall
  • Approximate weight: 7 oz. (Including MALICE clips)
  • Two short MALICE clip included.
  • MOLLE/PALS compatible.
  • 0.875” wide webbing PALS/MOLLE mounting grid.
  • Mountable to belt or webbing up to 3" wide.
  • HDPE stiffened mounting panel limits side to side swing and bouncing.
  • HDPE stiffened opening maintains rounded rectangle shape preventing it from sagging shut while still allowing unobstructed access in various positions.
  • Opening dropped below belt line to clear vests, chest rigs, or body armor.
  • Removable half-cover flap and inner lip securely retain contents while allowing unobstructed inserting and extracting.
  • Two vertical expansion pleats sewn into body adding additional storage space and accommodating bulky or odd shaped items.
  • Holds up to six AK or seven AR-15/M4/M16 magazines neatly stacked side by side.
  • Actual capacity cannot be quantified; however expansion pleats will accommodate multiple randomly inserted magazines.
  • Pull tab with snap used to close pouch opening is easy to operate with 1 hand, even if gloved.
  • Additional snap allows pouch body to be folded and secured in place.
  • DURO MultiCam 500 Denier Cordura and Omega MultiCam fabric.
  • Propel MultiCam Quiet loop Velcro.
  • Murdock jacquard woven MultiCam webbing.
  • All applicable internal edges are finished with binding tape.
  • Constructed from US Mil-Spec materials.
  • Back by Emdom USA lifetime warranty.
  • Design collaboration between Emdom USA and MM from www.militarymorons.com (Please visit his page for a detailed write up and additional photos).

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