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Our policies and FAQ's are custom tailored to address 99.99% of inquires we receive. Please look over our policies and FAQ's before contacting us. If you inquire about something that is already answered in our policies or FAQ's we will direct you accordingly with no further explanation.

Payment methods:
Emdom USA, Inc. accepts most all major credit cards, checks, and money orders. Checks must be cleared before an order is shipped. Orders paid by check or money order will incur delays with processing and shipping for an unspecified amount of time. Payments made by credit card or PayPal provide the quickest and safest order processing and shipping. All orders are paid in full at the time they're placed.

*When placing your order please be sure to provide your exact billing address, shipping address, and phone number. Incorrect information will cause delays in the processing and shipping your order.

*If there are any discrepancies with any form of payment we reserve the right to refuse payment and cancel all applicable orders.

*New York state residents will be charged NYS sales tax.

Discount Exclusions:
Certain products are not eligible for discounts. Said products will have disclaimers on their respective product pages.

Order Processing Policy:
Upon successful completion of your order you will receive an automated confirmation email. We will contact you via email when your order has shipped with your order invoice and tracking number (if applicable). Orders are paid in full at the time they're placed (including in stock and back ordered items).

Because 99% of our orders are shipped via the USPS we do not process or ship during USPS holidays. We do not process or ship on any major holidays.

*Please note: Orders placed with different billing and shipping addresses are subject to delay. We will not ship your order until we have positive verification that you are who you claim to be and the order in question is authorized. We may ask for proof of identification as well as proof of payment. We will complete and ship your order upon our satisfaction of sufficient proof of no fraudulent activity. We may hold or cancel your order at our discretion based on the suspicion of fraud.

1. When will _ __ be back in stock?
Most of our products are restocked approximately 3 - 4 weeks from the date of the last in stock item purchased. However if there are out of stock item(s) that you plan to purchase, we highly recommend you place a back order. Placing a back order is the only guaranteed method for you to receive the items you would like to purchase and to get them in the most timely manner possible. When we receive new stock we fill back orders first. The remaining items become a part of our online inventory. Placing a back order ensures that when we do get the items in, we ship them out to you right away. Consequently, if they come in earlier than expected, you will receive the items sooner. Please see our back order policy for more details. (Need to find out if Volusion has restock notification email capabilities)

2. How long will it take to process my order?
If all of the items purchased are in stock, most orders are processed and shipped within 1 - 3 business days excluding weekends and holidays. Please see our shipping policy for more details.

3. What is the status of my order?
Please log into your account, under "My Orders" click on "Review orders / track packages", select the time frame your order was placed within, click "Go" and your order will be displayed.

4. Has my order shipped?
You will be notified via email when your order is shipped. If you do not see any emails from us please be sure to check your spam/junk folder. You can also find out if your order has shipped if you log into your account and check your order status.

5. Will I get a shipment notification?
Yes. You will receive an automated email with your tracking number once your order is shipped.

6. How do I track my order?
When your order ships you will receive a notification email which will include your tracking number. If you do not see any emails from us please be sure to check your spam/junk folder. You can also track your order by logging into your account and viewing your order details.

7. How long will it take to receive my package?
Most domestic orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail (50 states) take 2 – 3 days (excluding Sunday). Express domestic orders ( 50 states) take 1 – 2 days (excluding Sunday). APO/FPO orders take a week or more. International orders vary. Please see our shipping policy for more details.

8. Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do. With certain exceptions. Please see our shipping international shipping policy for more details.

9. Do you offer LE/MIL discount?
Yes we do offer military or law enforcement discounts. After you place your order please email us with your order number and we will take the appropriate steps to verify your identity and apply the discount. *Exclusions may apply.

10. Do I need to pay sales tax?
Only residents of New York will be charged sales tax.

11. When will I be charged for my order?
All orders placed with a major credit card or PayPal are charged immediately before processing and shipping.

12. Do you offer free shipping?
Not at this time.

13. Can I place an order over the phone?
No. For order accuracy and financial security we require all orders to be placed on our secure website. Contact us if you have any difficulties to place an order at the website.

14. I’m having trouble placing an order, what do I do?
Double check that all your information is correct. Try again. If the problem persists please email us:

15. I placed an order and have not received any notifications, whats going on?
Either a mistake was made when you submitted your email address or our emails are being flagged as junk or spam. Please be sure to check your junk/spam folder. Contact us: